The New Directions Group

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier risk and insurance services operation which provides, at a profit, a broad range of alternative market products and services.

We intend to consistently provide a superior return on equity by maximizing the profit margins of the insurance ventures (including captives) with effective price and cost controls, quality claim administration and loss control, managing the profitability of the product mix and maintaining a core group of quality reinsurance.

We will be sensitive to market conditions and will be in a position to identify and selectively respond to our clients' insurance needs. We will provide superior service to our customers and base our relationships on mutual respect and integrity. Each interaction will be handled with openness, honesty and fairness so as to strengthen the bond of trust between us.

To sustain our leadership in the alternative market, we will employ corporations and individual that have the expertise, discipline, professionalism and dedication to excellence required by our operations. We will provide the opportunity for each service company to further develop their unique abilities and optimize their technical, administrative and management contribution to our organization.

The climate we create will motivate and reward output and creativity, and should encourage everyone to contribute to our organization's success. Our "by-word" will be every area of operation.

Our mission statement is a dynamic, not a static, document. Major changes in the economy, in our business, in technology and in the marketplace will be reflected in our statement and will be communicated to all our clients. Customer service will always be our prime goal.

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