The New Directions Group

Allon J. Greene, Jr., President
The New Directions Group, Inc.

During his 35 year career, Allon Greene has used his perceptive skills to solve a variety of problems for employers and clients. In the early years he successfully identified needs, gradually becoming a leader in developing solid, practical solutions to fortuitous loss exposures. His instinctual ability to sort out the important from the unimportant and to prioritize them has lead to his many successes.

Whether it be in identifying an unaddressed risk and developing an insurance market for it or finding insurers abandoning an entire market segment and building the largest industry owned captive insurer, he has solved problems saving his employer or clients thousands, even millions of dollars.

His unique ability to place himself in the other person's position has allowed him to achieve success in putting together cost effective programs of insurance and self-insurance. Even when skeptics have said it couldn't be done, he tenaciously achieved success where others failed.

His keen understanding of the need for profits, the financial role in business and motivation of operating management allow him to work effectively in the corporate environment. While strongly aware of the financial needs of business he also recognizes the people aspects - which, if ignored, can have disastrous effects on the results.

Al has been called upon by top executives in many businesses, made presentation to Boards of Directors for decisions on projects and interfaced with both operating and staff personnel. He establishes clear procedures as the base for any program. Building on this base, he then sets clear objectives, specifies responsibilities and outlines the accompanying authority to perform the job.

His interpersonal skills are the backbone of his ability to structure sound programs arranging supporting reinsurance, loss prevention (safety) programs, claims administration and other administrative services.

He has worked with the State of Nevada in structuring their captive law. This law is the broadest in the U.S. and has many benefits that approximate offshore domiciles. The New Directions Group, Inc. serves insurance brokers and agents as well as insurance companies and brokers, agents & insurers clients.

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